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The Australian Parkour Association [APA] is an Incorporated Association representing and governing Parkour in Australia.

We work to support grass-roots Parkour Practitioners through the provision of services such as Insurance, Training, Advocacy and Governance.

Looking For Classes?

If you're looking for classes for yourself or for your kids; we can connect you with local Parkour Classes or a nearby Parkour Community

Looking To Teach?

If you're thinking of teaching Parkour; we can give you the tools to start your Coaching Journey and become a Qualified APA Instructor

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A Membership with the Australian Parkour Association is the gateway to accessing our Qualifications, Insurance, and other Services

Instructor Portal

For existing Instructors; you can manage your Qualification via the Instructor Portal

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The APA consists of a team of passionate volunteers and a modest executive team; if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the below and we'll do our best to reply as promptly as we can!